Power Pop Playlists

When I work, I have to listen to music I'm familiar with. Otherwise I get super distracted. I guess most people are probably like that, right? Well, then maybe this playlist won't be as useful to you as it is to me. Assuming you're not a big ass power pop nerd.

This cover art is a nod to Nick Lowe's Jesus of Cool album artwork.

I think--and you're free to disagree--but power pop is the best genre of music. I have a soft spot for plenty of other types of music, but look... I'm white & geeky & sensitive but also slightly angsty & there's just no way of getting around any of that. So if you're that type, this could be the playlist for you. Three minute jams about girls, firing your manager, the fascism of corporate radio, & also girls. Sounds tight, right?

I'll be updating this playlist over time. The goal is that the playlist eventually captures a large enough swath of the cool-geek experience that it gains sentience & holds a boombox playing Peter Gabriel over its head outside of Ione Skye's bedroom window. But until then, it's just some good jams to work to.

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